Need Money? Find 24 Hour Check Cashing Near You! (2023)

Millions of people do not get paid by direct deposit at their job so need to find a local check cashing service. Many of my clients pay me by check for my design services. Luckily, there are several places that offer 24 hour check cashing near me and you!

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What is Check Cashing?

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Cash checking, which can relatively be referred to as money service business, is a simple way which customers are aided to exchange their checks or paycheck into physical cash without relying on their bank accounts.

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Is There 24 Hour Check Cashing?

Yes! The check cashing service is generally operational every minute of the day as it ensures that customers have access to quick and easy cash whenever it is required.

Why Would I Need Check Cashing?

A lot of reasons might arise as to the urgent need of cash check; one of which is the need for cash when traditional banks are closed.

Another is working a double shift job and having to use bank services after midnight or maybe for some weird reason, while others are asleep is when you like to carry out financial transactions.

What Are Other Financial Services That a Check Cashing Place Provides?

A cash checker provides an array of other financial services, some of which you would find in a credit union or traditional bank.

Cashing checks is part of it, while others include:

  • bill payments
  • public transportation passes
  • money orders
  • money orders
  • notary services
  • currency exchange
  • prepaid debit and credit cards
  • payday loans
  • other short term loans
  • mail services
  • notary services

Can I Cash My Check For Free?

If you have a bank account, then many banks will cash your check for you for free. If you do not have a bank account, then you will be charged a small fee.

24 Hours Check Cashing Near Me and You

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There are a lot of check cashing stores spread across the U.S. and the rest of the world. Most of which aren’t functional 24 hours. Here are a list of some check-cashing stores location that are always operational.

PLS Check Cashing Store

PLS provides service, value, and respect to people as it is vital and necessary in rendering helpful solutions. With their core principle in mind, PLS which was

Founded in 1997, is focused on making a clear difference to its customers’ lives. Granting helpful money solution each day and many other requirements is how the company is committed to making life easier for its customers.

Making their customers feel welcomed and paying much attention to them is what they believe matters most. For example, service, respect, peace of mind, value, convenience for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

PLS check cashing are located in 12 states, which includes:

  • Wisconsin
  • Arizona
  • New York
  • California
  • North Carolina
  • Illinois
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Kentucky
  • Texas
  • Massachusetts

Fees: PLS charges are mostly based on the location. Charges from most locations are around $1 and an additional 1 percent of the amount on the check.

Note: Fax services and notary services are also offered by PLS.

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Speedy Cash

This is another form of payday loan store and check cashing that deal with almost all types of checks. Speedy Cash engages in government checks, payroll checks, student loan checks, and personal checks.

They are suitable for cashing checks but you are advised not to use their services for anything else as their charges can cost up to 450% annual percentage rate on loans! Yeah I said it! A whopping four hundred and fifty percent rate of interest cannot be collated to credit cards which on the average boost a 17% annual percentage rate. They also engage in cashing insurance checks, money orders, cash settlement checks, and other checks.
Speedy cash stores are spread through various parts of the United States, some of which are operational 24 hours a day.

  • Mississippi
  • Texas
  • Dallas
  • Alabama
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Indiana

Fees: To cash a check the minimum charge is $2.

Check Cashing Services Not Open 24 Hours

Ace Cash Express

Ace Cash Express is a trusted service that will cash your check fast. However, their locations are not open 24 hours. I thought I would add them to the list because they are so popular and well-known. People may be wondering if they are open 24 hours, but they are not. ACE has more than 950 locations in the USA. Use their locator to find a store near you.

Types of checks:

  • Payroll checks
  • Personal checks
  • Checks made payable to a company
  • Income tax refund checks
  • Government checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Money orders

Fees: They are varied store to store

Grocery Stores That Will Cash Checks


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Go to the Customer Service Center to cash checks at Walmart

Walmart is one of the efficient outlet stores for check cashing in the U.S. Almost all of their store locations possess counters for check cashing.

Often the counters for check cashing are open provided the stores are also open. This implies that if the stores are open 24 hours a day, the check-cashing counter will also be in operation. During the overnight hours, however, most of the Walmart stores close their cash checking operation. When this is the case, simply inquire if cashiers can cash a check in your favor.

Note: At the cash register, the limit for check cashing may be low and this can be as a result of drained funds when there’s a need for the registers to give customers change.

What kind of checks can be cashed at Walmart?

Walmart can cash many types of checks, including:

  • Government checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Settlement checks
  • 401k checks
  • And others

Money orders can also be cashed at Walmart provided the purchases were made there.

Can Walmart cash a personal check?

Yes, they will cash a personal check as long as it has been signed. However, they won’t cash a personal check that is over $200.

Fees:Walmart fee varies by location. Most of them charge around $3 and $6 for check cashing.

WinCo Foods

Possessing a large chain of grocery stores all across the Western part of the United States. WinCo Foods are situated in Oklahoma and Texas. Only payroll checks that are up to $1,000 per individual will be eligible for cashing and WinCo will also accept within the same week two payroll checks.

It is important that before your payroll check is cash at WinCo, it must first be printed by a machine.

Fees: In this case, what will be charged is dependent on the amount which is between $5 and $10.

Tops Friendly Market

With almost 200 locations scattered around New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont, Tops friendly market offers services for check cashing which are limited to payroll check and government checks.

Fees: Their fees are minimal at just $1 per cashed check. However, their check cashing limits are low with a “topping” out which often cost $500.

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Note: They are open 24 hours a day. Before going in, be sure to check the closest location near you.

ATM Machines at Banks

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Being stranded and needing to cash a check late at night, the best luck you’ll get is at a 24-hour ATM. There are a couple of grocery stores and some check-cashing stores that operate 24 hours a day. However, where there are banks you’re sure to have access to a 24-hours ATM.

Making use of an ATM does not mean you’re cashing a check officially; the ATM process is quite a bit different. The use of an ATM requires a check deposit. After this is done and the check is received, a withdrawal is the next thing you’ll simply go through with.

You will need to have opened an account with the bank whose ATM you are about to use before this method can be applied. Another option is both your bank and the bank of the one who owns the ATM in question should have a partnership. Be mindful that 24 hours ATM access is what credit unions and traditional banks grants.

Note: Not every bank would grant prompt or quick withdrawals from ATM deposits.

Wells Fargo

With over 8,000 branches spread across the United States and 13,000 ATMs around the world, Wells Fargo is one of the reliable sources when it comes to check cashing through an ATM. Wells Fargo customers get quick access to check cashing whenever they cash the following:

  • Government checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Personal checks

The amount withdrawable right away is dependent on the settings installed in the ATM. Customers are advised to contact their customer service center to rectify the limits of their ATM.


The U.S. bank is one of the most reputable banks with more than 3,000 locations across the United States. Its ATM access is functional 24 hours. Their ATMs grant access to customers enabling them cash payroll, government, some personal and cashier’s checks.

Note: Granting a deposit of 30 checks at once has been programmed on the U.S Bank ATMs

Bank of America

Formed in 1998 through the NationsBank’s acquisition of BankAmerica, The Bank of America is based in Charlotte having central-local points in New York, Minnesota, Hong Kong, Toronto, and London. It is responsible for America’s financial services and multinational investments. Bank of America boasts a huge number of locations in every part of the world. The bank commands over 4,000 branches worldwide and more than 15,000 ATMs.

Cashing a check at the Bank of America’s ATM requires a magnetic ink printed on it. The ATM will not grant a check if it hadn’t been printed from home. After checks have been Home-printed it can then proceed to be cashed inside the bank. This may cause a hold to be put on the check.

Note: In the Bank of America ATMs, depositing of around 10 checks can be done at a time.


Located in the United States with ATMs spread across the world, Citibank has more than 700 branches around the globe.

Citibank customers can cash different types of checks including the following:

  • Payroll checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Personal checks
  • Government checks

Note: In other to cash checks with a Citibank ATM, you need to have an account before the process can be successful.

Chase Bank

Allow me to interest you in a little financial trivia. Did you know that in the year 2000, Chase Bank was initiated by its parent companies J.P Morgan & Co alongside Chase Manhattan? I guess you didn’t know that before, did you?

Well, Chase Bank has since been growing expeditiously with 16,000 ATMs and over 5,000 branches scattered around the globe.

Chase Banks accepts the following check cashing activities:

  • Government checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Personal checks
  • Cashier’s checks

A maximum of 30 deposited checks can be done at once through their ATM. Other checks can also be approved by their ATMs.

Note: Amount withdrawable solely depends on the settings of your account.

Capital One 360

Capital One has over 700 branches circulated across the United States. This process is more of a high-interest paying with absolutely no fee attached. Exciting, right?

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Well, that’s not all. Special benefits are given to Capital One 360 account holder like suitable check cashing benefits or entitlement.

Owners of Capital One 360 account can cash personal, government, payroll checks and lots more.

TD Bank

Carrying out operation in 15 states including Washington D.C, “America’s Most Convenient Bank” as their website tagline says is located in the United States. Owning more than 1,300 TD Bank on the Eastern half of the United States.

Payroll checks, government checks and more are cashable with cuatomés who have an account with TD Bank. Up to $30 check deposit can be fine at once with this bank using their ATM.

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank can be found around the northeastern part of the U.S.; Ohio and Michigan. Commanding more than 1,200 branches and ATM services of around 3,000 in 11 U.S. states.
According to their website, all check can be deposited without an envelope.

Fifth Third Bank

Mostly those who reside in the Southeastern part of the United States or Midwest region, may have come across the Fifth Third Bank.

Having more than 1,000 branches in the U.S including Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky and more.

Only those who have acquired an account with them can cash government checks, payroll checks, personal checks, and others. Having more than 2,400 ATMs, all of which differ in settings for account set for cashback.

SunTrust Bank

Founded in 1891, with over 1,400 located banks and more than 2,100 ATMs in the United States. SunTrust Bank operates mainly in the Washington D.C. that is around the Southeastern part of the U.S.

Their ATM only grants about holders access to cash government checks, payroll checks and more.

When cashing check using SunTrust ATM, personal account rules are applicable.

M&T Bank

M&T Bank is operational around eight states in the U.S including New Jersey, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C and more. They have almost 800 branches across those states.

Customers can cash payroll checks, government checks and more with their ATM. I have another trivia for you. Did you know that M&T Bank was found in the year 1856? I must say they have got to be pulling a lot of right strings to have stood the test of time.

Valley National Bank

Found in 1927, Valley National Bank grant its services to Alabama, New York, New Jersey and Florida. Their ATM gives access to bank account holders to cash government checks, payroll checks, and other checks.

Note: The limit of withdrawing and depositing may differ depending on the location of the branch.

More Check Cashing Near Me?

Need Money? Find 24 Hour Check Cashing Near You! (5)
There’s a big chance you found yourself here as a result of you looking for how and where to cash a check when traditional banks are closed or when it is late at night. If you are cashing a check that is not more than $1,000, then contact your local Walmart store should be your start off point. If you don’t like this option, then look for the nearest grocery store, and if you don’t like any of these two, find the closest ATM.

If you know about more check cashing near me and you, please comment below so I can add them to this guide!

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