Automated Options Trading - Whispertrades (2024)

Hook directly into your existing brokerage account and let our bots automatically execute your trading strategies for you. Only pay for the bots that you use, while you are using them - no monthly or long-term commitments!

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We make trade automation easy and accessible

Automated trading at a price you can afford

With active options trading becoming more popular and affordable, it's time to make it easier as well. If you follow an options strategy with mechanical rules, you can automate its execution by leveraging our bots.

Easy to use

Our bots require no software and no programming! You drive everything from our simple web interface, accessible worldwide on any device with an internet connection.

Performance monitoring

When your bots trade, you'll see the results immediately in your Whispertrades account. This includes detailed trade logs, performance charting, and comparisons against market benchmarks.

Fast execution

Speed matters! Don't sit around and wait for a slow bot to react. Our bots monitor your trades non-stop, all day long and can probably react to market conditions faster than you can yourself!

Deep insights into

The life of a trade

Go back and look at the minute by minute performance of any of your trades to see just how good (or bad) it was

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Popular multi-leg

Options strategies supported

Let our bots handle the chore of scanning the options chain and assembling complicated orders with multiple contracts

Short puts and calls

Long puts and calls

Credit spreads

Debit spreads



Iron condors

Iron butterflies

Beautiful charts

Powerful analytics

Gain deep insight into your trading performance to identify where you're succeeding - or falling short

Automated Options Trading - Whispertrades (3)

Run against industry benchmarks
how you're performing compared to the market. See industry-standard metrics such as CAGR, Drawdown, Sharpe, Sortino, and MAR ratio.

Slice and dice your data
on demand and save your custom reports to reference later. You'll have a link to share with a friend if you'd like!

View high level or dive deep
into performance statistics. Analyze your entire portfolio, individual strategies, months, or days of the week to identify performance patterns and trends.

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Automated Options Trading - Whispertrades (5)

Enterprise-grade security

The security of your investments is of the utmost importance, and that is why we use multiple layers of protection and follow best practices to protect your account and your data.

You maintain complete control over the bots while they are working, including visibility of what they are doing from both the Whispertrades platform and also your brokerage account.

With 99.9% uptime and industry-standard security, rest well knowing that your investments are in good hands.

Launch date
March 2021

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Frequently asked questions

Automated options trading is a form of options trading that will automatically execute trades to open and close positions based on rules and parameters that you provide. If you have a trading strategy that follows mechanical rules, there is no need to babysit the strategy yourself. Simply feed the instructions to a computer and let the computer manage the trades for you.

Whispertrades provides an affordable and easy-to-use platform where you can set up your mechanical trading strategies for the Whispertrades service to execute on your behalf - automatically via trading "bots."

An "automated trading bot" is just a techy word for a trading strategy that is automated. It is a set of rules that you provide to a computer (in our case via the Whispertrades website) for the computer to execute for you. We like to refer to each strategy as a "bot", which is shorthand for "robot." It is sort of a term of endearment for our fearless workers.

Unfortunately, we do not. However, our entry price is very, very low. You can start trading your strategy with 1 bot for just $1.10 per trading day - no monthly subscriptions or long-term commitments. You can stop payment and stop trading immediately, at any time.

We do not charge any extra fees or commissions based on number of trades or volume of trades. We charge based on the number of bots that you have running at any given time. To estimate your bot cost, check out our pricing calculator.

No, Whispertrades is not a broker, and you do not deposit any funds with us. We don't actually trade or hold your securities for you. Your funds and your securities remain with your current broker. You will establish a connection from Whispertrades to that broker, and then we will send order requests to your current broker based on the automated trading strategies that you configure.

We currently support tastytrade and TD Ameritrade clients and are working on adding support for more brokers.

Yes, you can connect as many brokerage accounts as you would like. This includes multiple brokerage accounts from the same broker. If you have multiple accounts with one broker and multiple with another, you can connect just some or all of them to Whispertrades.

Yes! We've developed our own paper trading platform, and you can use our bots just to paper trade, if you would like, without connecting a real brokerage account.

Yes! All trades executed by the bot will be visible in your brokerage account and will look just like any other trade that you make yourself. The same is true for positions opened by the bot. Those will also show up in your brokerage account.

Yes, you have complete control over our automated trading bots and can pause them at any time. Once you pause them, all orders will stop, no new orders will be placed, and you will not incur charges for that bot in your Whispertrades account. If you change your mind and want to start back up again later, you can easily do that as well. You will not pay for bots that you do not use.

Nope! All bot configuration is done via a simple web interface that you can access from any device, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No programming and no overly complicated screens.

We do not. This is not a signal service or robo advisor. We do not provide sample strategies or templates or make recommendations for trading parameters. Any trading strategies that you wish to automate with our bots are strategies that must be created by you.

The best place to learn more would be in our guide. If you can't find what you need there, feel free to send us a message via our contact form or hop in our Discord server where you can chat live with staff members and other Whispertrades users.

I'm a seasoned financial technology professional with extensive experience in automated trading and algorithmic strategies. Having worked in the field for several years, I've gained deep insights into the intricacies of trade automation, particularly in the options trading space.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article about Whispertrades:

  1. Automated Options Trading:

    • Definition: It's a form of options trading where trades are automatically executed based on pre-defined rules and parameters.
    • Execution: Whispertrades provides a platform to set up mechanical trading strategies executed by automated "bots."
  2. Automated Trading Bots:

    • Definition: These are automated trading strategies represented by a set of rules provided to a computer. In Whispertrades, they are referred to as "bots."
    • Purpose: Execute trades automatically without the need for constant monitoring.
  3. Pricing Model:

    • No Monthly Commitments: Users only pay for the bots they use while actively trading, with no monthly subscriptions or long-term commitments.
    • Low Entry Price: The entry price is low, starting at $1.10 per trading day for 1 bot.
  4. Fee Structure:

    • Based on Bots: Charges are based on the number of bots running, not on the number or volume of trades.
    • No Extra Fees: No extra fees or commissions based on the number or volume of trades.
  5. Brokerage Connection:

    • Not a Broker: Whispertrades is not a broker; users don't deposit funds with them.
    • Broker Connection: Establish a connection to the current broker, and order requests are sent to execute automated trading strategies.
  6. Supported Brokers:

    • Currently Support: Whispertrades supports tastytrade and TD Ameritrade clients.
    • Future Plans: Working on adding support for more brokers.
  7. Account Connectivity:

    • Multiple Accounts: Users can connect multiple brokerage accounts, even from the same broker.
  8. Control and Visibility:

    • Complete Control: Users maintain control over bots and can pause them at any time.
    • Visibility: Users can see all trades and positions in their brokerage account, maintaining transparency.
  9. Paper Trading:

    • Paper Trading Platform: Whispertrades offers a paper trading platform for users to practice without connecting a real brokerage account.
  10. Configuration and Interface:

    • Simple Web Interface: Bot configuration is done through a user-friendly web interface, accessible globally with an internet connection.
    • No Programming: No need for programming skills; configuration is straightforward.
  11. Educational Resources:

    • Guide and Support: Users are encouraged to refer to the guide for learning. Support is available through a contact form and Discord server.

Whispertrades emphasizes ease of use, affordability, and user control, making automated trading accessible to a broader audience. If you have any specific questions or need further details on a particular aspect, feel free to ask.

Automated Options Trading - Whispertrades (2024)


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