10 Unusual Tourist Attractions Around The US (2023)

When you're visiting a new place, it can be a lot of fun to see some of the interesting tourist destinations in the area. From museums to historic sites and parks, there are a lot of them all over the US. But some of them are really popular and, let's be honest, a little bit overrated. Because of that, there are some places that we're just not interested in seeing.


Along with the more overrated and over-visited tourist destinations around the US, there are also quite a few tourist destinations that don't get so much attention. They're a little bit on the unusual side and a lot more interesting.

To see 10 unusual tourist destinations around the US, keep reading!



10 Mmuseumm

No, that's not a typo. This tiny museum is located in an elevator shaft in New York City and is called Mmuseumm, pronounced as "museum." What will you see in Mmuseumm? Well, it depends. It changes regularly and, just like the location, features things that are typically overlooked and wouldn't typically be considered extraordinary enough to be put into a museum.

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Mmuseumm is big enough to fit three people at a time and features a selection of different things that change out periodically. But the items on display aren'trandom, the differentexhibits that rotate through Mmuseummshine a light on society and different aspects of humanity.

9 New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

Voodoo is a huge part of the culture and history of the city of New Orleans. This city is known for being a little spooky and mysterious and their history in the world of voodoo is definitely on board with the rest of their strange and mysterious past.

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If you are interested in learning more about the dark underside of New Orleans' history and voodoo, visiting the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum is definitely something that has to go on your travel bucket list. All kinds of antique artifacts are on display and show the history of voodoo.

8 The Witch House Of Salem

Salem, Massachusetts is a historic town that has become best-known throughout history for one unfortunate period of time: The Salem Witch Trials. Many people who are interested in history, witchcraft, and all things spooky visit Salem because of this, but there's one place in Salem that can't be missed.

The Witch House of Salem is a house in Salem, Massachusetts that was once home to Jonathan Corwin. During the Witch Trials in the 17th century, Corwin was one of the judges in charge of finding alleged witches guilty. Today, his home is the last building in Salem with direct ties to this point in history.

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7 The Echo Park Time Travel Mart

Planning to take a trip through time? Make sure you stock up on plenty of robot emotions for your trip to the future or take a spare Victorian iPad for your trip back in time. Where can you get these items? From the Time Travel Mart in Los Angeles, California, of course!

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This non-profit convenience store is a novelty store dedicated to selling everything a time traveler could ever need. Whether it's dinosaur eggs or Viking deodorant, this store sells it all. All the proceeds from this novelty store go straight to 826LA, so on top of being totally hilarious, this store supports a good cause.

6 House Of Eternal Return

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the House of Eternal Return is a mysterious and unique tourist destination. It's part-maze, part-art installation, and part-interactive story for visitors to experience. It's a permanent art installation that spans over 20,000 feet. Visitors who come here are only given one piece of information about the storyline before they're set free: The Selig family used to live here and thensomething happened. What was it?

That's what visitors have to figure out. Visitors get to wander through this house, explore all the unique details, and find all the secrets hidden here. If you're someone that likesescape roomsbut wants more of the story and less of the puzzle-solving, the House of Eternal Return is perfect.

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5 Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Thousands of years ago, Native Americans were drawn to this part of Colorado in order to collect clay and see the natural wonders that this area has. Today, Paint Mines Interpretive Park is a unique natural landmark that draws in visitors from around the world because of the bright colors and unique landscape.

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Camping and motor vehicles are strictly forbidden here, as is climbing on the formations and taking rocks or clay home. Paint Mines Interpretive Park has looked this way for a long time and we definitely want it to stay as natural and beautiful as it is now. Because of this, visitors are encouraged to stay on the path as they walk through and take nothing but photos for Instagram.

4 Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze

Just about everyone has been through a funhouse in anamusement parkor carnival. They're a maze of mirrors and windows and it's just about impossible to see where you're going or how to get to the end - but in the most fun way imaginable.

In San Francisco, there's an insane mirror maze just like those, but way cooler. Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze may look unassuming on the outside but once you go inside, you're greeted with a maze of bright, neon colors in the dark building. Making your way through this maze of mirrors and bright colors is challenging but fun.

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3 Mütter Museum

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the Mütter Museum. This museum is one that is definitely not for the faint of heart or people that want to avoid all things creepy. This museum is dedicated to the body, to diseases, and to the wonders of medicine.

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The museum opened in the mid-19th century and has been located in the same place since then. The walls are lined with bones, bodies, and skulls. Skeletons of people that lost their lives to rare diseases and people that lived with medical anomalies are on display here.

2 The Neon Boneyard

Las Vegas is a city that's known for its bright, neon signs that are outside of casinos, hotels, and restaurants. Neon signs have come and gone over the years, but people don't often consider what happens to the ones that are taken down and replaced.

Many of them are taken to The Neon Boneyard. This is a place where old neon signs that are no longer being used around Sin City are left. Many of them still light up and are turned on at night for visitors. This unique piece of Las Vegas history is a popular tourist destination for people that love the look of these signs and want to experience a bit of Vegas history.

1 Loved To Death

For people that like to shop for the stranger things in life, Loved to Death in San Francisco is an excellent place to visit. This store was featured on the Science Channel's seriesOddities: San Franciscobut has been a popular tourist destination for some time, even for people that haven't seen that show.

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This store sells everything unusual. From jewelry to antiques, Loved to Death has it all. The store used to sell a lot of unique pieces of taxidermy but has since stopped in an effort to support ethical sourcing in the oddities community, though. Still, jewelry, artwork, and antiques are on display in this store.

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What is the #1 US tourist attraction? ›

1. National Mall | Washington DC. Immaculately maintained by the National Park Service, the National Mall and Memorial Parks feature more than 1,000 acres of must-see monuments, sites and green space.

What is the oldest major tourist attraction in the United States? ›

For a simple rock, Plymouth Rock has become a surprisingly controversial American icon, marking the spot where the Pilgrims first set foot on America in 1620.

What is the least visited city in the United States? ›

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Anchorage, Alaska takes the cake as the least crowded city in the country. With 169 residents per square mile, residents can enjoy the wilderness right outside their door. Wild animals, fresh seafood and access to glaciers await.

What are the top 10 most visited tourist? ›

Most Visited Countries in the World in 2022
  • France – 82.6 million visitors.
  • The United States – 75.6 million visitors.
  • Spain – 75.6 million visitors.
  • China – 59.3 million visitors.
  • Italy – 52.4 million visitors.
  • United Kingdom – 35.8 million visitors.
  • Germany – 35.6 million visitors.
  • Mexico – 35.0 million visitors.

What is the most visited city in the US? ›

With an estimated 10 million visitors to New York City every year, this is indisputably the most visited city in the US. So, what should you do while you're there? From walking through Central Park to walking over the Brooklyn Bridge at sundown, there are endless activities on offer when you visit New York City.

What are the big five in tourism? ›

The term big five is commonly used in the tourism industry as these animals are favorites among tourists visiting the different national parks and other destinations. The big 5 include the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and the rhino.

What is the oldest looking city in America? ›

St. Augustine, founded in September 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles of Spain, is the longest continually inhabited European-founded city in the United States – more commonly called the "Nation's Oldest City."

Why is US famous for tourism? ›

The United States of America (USA) is probably one of the world's most attractive countries, and multiple factors have increased its popularity among tourists. Its Natural wonders, artificial marvels, national parks, theme parks, etc., have made it a popular name for tourism.

What is the second oldest tourist attraction in the United States? ›

Cedar Point is the second-oldest amusement park in America and it is a short 4.5 hour ride from Chicago to the shores of Lake Erie.

What is the number one most visited city? ›

Hong Kong. Hong Kong has become the most visited city in the world, surpassing Bangkok in recent times. Hong Kong welcomed 26.6 million visitors! With over 5 million more visitors annually than its closest rival, Hong Kong is expected to host at least 31 million tourists in the near future.

What is the least popular tourist destination? ›

The Least-Visited Country in the World: Tuvalu

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the remote Pacific island country Tuvalu is the least-visited country globally.

What is the least famous city? ›

1. Samarkand, Uzbekistan. No destination less deserves to be so little appreciated than Samarkand (which is why we included it in our month by month guide to alternative destinations). This ancient city has a storied past that involves the Silk Road, Tamerlane and a run-in with Genghis Khan.

What is the most visited state in the US? ›

Most visited states in the U.S. 2022

When surveyed in 2022, it was found that Florida and New York were the two most visited states by adults in the United States, having been visited by 61 and 54 percent of respondents, respectively.

Which city attracts the most tourists? ›

1. Bangkok (22.78 Million Visitors) Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the most visited city in the world thanks to a whopping 22 million international visitors! What is this?

What is the most tourist destination? ›

1. France: 48.4 Million Visitors. France is the most visited country in the world with a record breaking of 48.4 million visitors in 2022!

What is America's #1 city? ›

New York is the most populated city in the United States. Three cities in California made the top 10 populated cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose. Texas made the list with three cities: Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Chicago, Phoenix, and Philadelphia also ranked among the 10 most populated U.S. cities.

What is the most visited beach in the US? ›

Santa Monica, California

Located close to Venice Beach, and about thirty minutes from Los Angeles, Santa Monica receives over 7 million visitors each year. Visitors love to take in the Santa Monica Pier with its fun rides and attractions. Relaxing on the beach is another activity that visitors to Santa Monica love.

What is the #1 city in the US travel and leisure? ›

For the very first time, readers of Travel + Leisure have voted Charleston the No. 1 City in the World! Charleston is the first domestic destination to earn the coveted No. 1 City in the World ranking.

What is the world's first tourist destination? ›

MEDUSA - France: the world's first tourist destination.

What is the unique place in the world? ›

1. Salar De Uyuni – Explore The White Salt Bed. One of the top weirdest places across the world is located in Potosí and Oruro departments, this is the world's largest salt pan and one of the strange places in the world. And when a thin film of water gathers on the surface it is also the world's largest natural mirror.

What is the very famous landmark? ›

The Taj Mahal is a monument of love, and a symbol for India. the world's most famous prehistoric monument.

What are the 4 C's in tourism? ›

As such Wolwedans operates within the prescribed 4Cs: conservation, community, culture and commerce.

What are the 4 A's of tourism? ›

The 4 A's are four components of a destination that the tourism marketer should ensure the existence of and maximization in order to provide visitors with the best experience. They are Attraction, Accessibility, Amenity, and Ancillary Services.

What is tourism 11? ›

Tourism 11 gives students an introduction to the tourism industry. The course offers students opportunities to develop the essential knowledge and skills needed to enter the tourism industry or post-secondary tourism programs.

What is the 2 oldest city in America? ›

The second oldest city in the US is Santa Fe, New Mexico, which was founded in 1607. In the 1500s, the "Kingdom of New Mexico" was owned by the Spanish and its capital was San Juan Pueblo. But in 1609, conquistador Don Pedro de Peralta moved the capital 25 miles south and named the settlement Santa Fe.

What is the oldest state in America? ›


What is the oldest city still standing? ›

According to research studies and historical evidence, Damascus was first inhabited in the second half of the seventh millennia B.C. It is the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and is a prominent cultural centre of the Arab world.

What is USA best known for? ›

The United States of America is a North American nation that is the world's most dominant economic and military power. Likewise, its cultural imprint spans the world, led in large part by its popular culture expressed in music, movies and television.

What is America known as the land of? ›

America is known as the land of opportunity, where one could achieve anything they put their mind to, no matter who they are. Thousands of people immigrate to the United States every year from different parts of the world to have access to these kinds of opportunities.

What is the oldest tourist attraction in California? ›

CALIFORNIA: Death Valley National Park

The oldest rocks in Death Valley are 1.7 billion years old — the average ones "only" date back 500 million years. So in addition to being one of the hottest, driest, and lowest places in the US, it's also ancient.

How many tourists visited the US? ›

International Inbound Tourism: Annually, there are currently 79.6 Million international visitors to the US.

Who was the first real tourist? ›

The first real tourist, according to historians, was Cyriacus of Ancona. He journeyed around the Mediterranean, eager to learn about Greek and Roman history. His desire to learn about what had come before – and to see what remained – encouraged others to think about how travel could benefit education.

Where do people travel to the most in the US? ›

After New York, the most popular city destinations in the U.S. are Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

What is the most popular city? ›

World Population Review, a site dedicated to boiling down demographical data into easily understandable stats, ranks Tokyo as the most populous city globally for 2022, counting over 37 million residents.

What is the most visited wonder of the world? ›

Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) - Is the most visited wonder of the world. This is not surprising as it is the icon of Paris, which is also the most popular city in the app.

What is the most overrated tourist destination? ›

The world's most overrated tourist attractions — readers' vote 2023
  • Central Park.
  • Niagara Falls.
  • Statue of Liberty.
  • Sydney Opera House.
  • The Colosseum.
  • Château de Versailles.
  • The Grand Canyon.
  • The Louvre.

What countries do Americans visit the least? ›

Nauru Is the least visited country in the world, not just American travellers. This tiny island is located in Oceania and has a population of just 10,000 people. The remoteness and small size makes it difficult for people to visit. The island is only 70% uninhibited due to mining of phosphates.

What is the unknown country in the world? ›

Nauru, Tuvalu, Kiribati, and Palau are all island countries in the South Pacific that you may have never heard of. Palau and Tuvalu were important US military outposts during World War II, but following that critical phase of history, they have been out of the news.

What is the most uncommon city? ›

The 7 Most Unusual Towns in the World
  • Coober Pedy, Australia.
  • Nagoro, Japan.
  • Hallstatt, China.
  • The Federation of Damanhur, Italy.
  • Matmata, South Tunisia.
  • Whittier, Alaska.
  • Longyearbyen, Norway.
Sep 23, 2019

What is the least crowded city? ›

14 Cities With The Smallest Populations In The World
  • 8 Vatican City, Italy.
  • 7 Ngerulmud, Palau.
  • 6 Greenwood, British Columbia.
  • 5 San Marino, San Marino.
  • 4 Norton City, Virginia.
  • 3 Opatowiec, Poland.
  • 2 Jericho, West Bank.
  • 1 Hamilton, Bermuda.
Jan 4, 2023

What is the famous in USA? ›

Table Of Content
1. The White HouseWashington D.C
2. Statue Of LibertyNew York
3. Times SquareNew York
4. Central ParkNew York
5. Golden Gate BridgeSan Francisco
27 more rows
May 18, 2022

What is the most visited place in the world? ›

Hong Kong. Hong Kong has become the most visited city in the world, surpassing Bangkok in recent times. Hong Kong welcomed 26.6 million visitors!

What is man made attraction? ›

This means that the attractions are not natural, and were created by man. Man-made tourist attractions can be separated into two groups: Attractions that were made for tourism purposes and attractions that were made for other purposes but has since been used for tourism.

Which city has most tourists? ›

Most Visited Cities in The World
  1. Hong Kong, China with 27.880 million tourists per year.
  2. Bangkok, Thailand with 22.453 million tourists per year. ...
  3. London, UK with 19.827 million tourists per year. ...
  4. Singapore, Singapore with 17.618 million tourists per year. ...
  5. Macau, China with 17.337 million tourists per year. ...

What was the most searched for travel destination? ›

1. New York, NY. New York remains the most popular tourist destination in the United States, with travelers flocking to the Big Apple for sightseeing, Broadway shows, museums, restaurants, and more.

What is America's top 10? ›

Much like American Top 40, America's Top 10 counted down the top 10 pop songs of the past week. Because of the 30-minute format of the show, Kasem would highlight one song from the pop, R&B, country, and album charts, airing one music video from three of these charts.

What is each US state most famous for? ›

Each State's Claim to Fame
  • Alabama: Civil Rights and Football. ...
  • Alaska: The Northern Lights and Fishing Bears. ...
  • Arizona: Red Rock Wonders. ...
  • Arkansas: Diamonds and Wal-Mart. ...
  • 5. California: Giant Trees, Hollywood, and Death Valley. ...
  • Colorado: The Rocky Mountains and Marijuana. ...
  • Connecticut: Foliage and Lighthouses.
Dec 23, 2022

What are some unusual facts about the United States? ›

USA records world's biggest GDP.

Almost the entire Nevada is owned by the US government. It is observed that more people live in New York city than 40 out of 50 states of the US. The water stored in the Lake Superior could cover all of America up to 1 feet. The US flag has been revised 27 times.

What is the most important of tourism? ›

Tourism can contribute to sustainable development in a variety of sectors. Economic growth. Tourism generates income and creates easily accessible training opportunities and jobs, as well as sales markets for services and local products.


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